Bicycle Donation Helps Health Workers Fight COVID-19 in Zimbabwe

In rural Zimbabwe, village health workers often struggle to reach remote communities with health services and education — and access has become even more urgent during this COVID-19 pandemic. To support village health workers on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, World Bicycle Relief — a Chicago-based nonprofit — has donated 300 bicycles to Amalima, a health and nutrition consortium in which International Medical Corps participates. The bicycles will help village health workers in four of Zimbabwe’s health districts bring COVID-19 prevention messages to communities that are most vulnerable to the pandemic.

International Medical Corps Program Director Pamela Ncube-Murakwani (left) and Acting Mangwe District Medical Officer Dr. Nyasha Hunda (right) pose with a bike on the day of the bicycle-handover ceremony.

“This is particularly important right now, because as a country we are facing a COVID-19 pandemic.”

Chithekile Ndlovu, a village health worker from Ndiweni clinic in Bulilima, is enthusiastic about the donated bicycles.

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