The Top 10 Photos of 2019

Every year, we’re fortunate to receive incredible photos from our teams across the world showcasing their work, the people helped by your support and the plight of those affected by war, disease and disaster. In this post, we share our top 10 photos of 2019. They tell a few of the stories of the people and events that defined our year.

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10. Sending Love — Yemen

On Valentine’s Day, we asked supporters to share some love with our incredible first responders working across the world, asking supporters to sign a card to our responders with a personalized message. Our teams were so overwhelmed by the number of people who took the time to send them their love that they wanted to send some love back! Here, the Yemen team, which works in some of the most challenging conditions in the world, shows its appreciation for the heartfelt messages.

Learn more about our work in Yemen.

9. Enough Is Enough — Ukraine

As part of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign, our teams around the world held events and activities raising awareness about to prevent and respond to violence against women and girls. We received lots of great images showing communities rallying together to demand an end to such violence — including this one, which even featured a feline friend raising a paw in support!

Learn more about our programs dedicated to women and children’s health, including gender-based violence and protection.

8. Meeting In Progress — South Sudan

In this all-female cooperative in Unity State, South Sudan, each member contributes to a fund that helps women launch businesses. This initiative is just one example of International Medical Corps programs that focus on using economic empowerment as a path to independence for vulnerable women.

Learn more about our work in South Sudan.

7. Playing Ball — Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian slammed into Grand Bahama in September as the most powerful storm in recorded history in that part of the world, changing life forever for the island’s residents. One of those who survived the storm and remained on the island was Aaron, who had been feeling lonely ever since Dorian hit. Most of his friends in the community had been forced to leave their homes and his school had closed. So while International Medical Corps nurses performed a check-up on his mom, Aaron took the opportunity to play his favorite sport with a couple of our doctors in the yard!

Learn about our ongoing response to Hurricane Dorian.

6. 5,000 — Jordan

Every birth is special, but back in August, Ariam’s arrival had added significance: she was the 5,000th delivery at our maternity ward in Azraq Refugee Camp. Ariam’s birth was an incredible achievement made possible by the dedication and determination of the maternal health team in a camp that is a beacon of hope in northern Jordan, serving Syrian refugees who have sought sanctuary from the horrors of civil war that continues even now.

Watch a short video highlighting the work of our maternity ward in Azraq Refugee Camp.

5. Standing In Solidarity — Pakistan

Pakistan is consistently ranked as one of the most dangerous countries for women, which is one of the reasons we work to create a more equal society by challenging gender-based violence (GBV). We have more than a decade of experience in Pakistan educating people about GBV and helping survivors, and today reach more than 300,000 people with awareness-raising activities, We also provide training to male and female and community volunteers, and a range of services, including psychological support, for survivors.

Learn more about our work in Pakistan.

4. Love — Indonesia

The Sundra Strait tsunami hit Indonesian beaches without warning on December 22, 2018, killing at least 437 people, injuring 14,000 and leaving more than 33,000 displaced. In 2019, we worked with local partners to rebuild communities and restore hope, providing mental health services, shelter, child-friendly spaces, access to clean water and much more. But most important, our team is still there, letting the people affected — like this little boy — know that we will be with them as they continue to recover from disaster.

Learn more about our work in Indonesia.

3. Expression — Ethiopia

This sweeping photo was taken by 15-year-old Somali Dahra during Photo Camp in Melkadida Refugee Camp, Ethiopia. Run by National Geographic in collaboration with the International Medical Corps mental health team, Photo Camp provides an opportunity for students to see themselves and their lives in new ways, and to focus on the positive aspects of their lives as they photograph people, places and things that are important to them.

See more great images from Photo Camp.

2. Water: A Source of Joy — Yemen

“Death simply surrounded us everywhere”. That’s how one resident described the village of Al-Hanaka. Located in one of the most conflict-plagued regions of Yemen, the 8,000+ residents of Al-Hanaka have been deprived of such necessities as clean water and healthcare for years. However, with support from the United Nations for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, International Medical Corps was able to reopen a healthcare facility and install a clean water point, bringing relief to those in need and putting smiles on the faces of the local children.

Learn more about our work in Yemen.

1. I Defeated Ebola — Democratic Republic of the Congo

This photo captured the moment that Ebola survivors left our Ebola Treatment Center (ETC) in Mangina, early in July. Wearing shirts that read “J’ai vaincu Ebola,” which translates as “I defeated Ebola,” the survivors celebrated with the nurses and doctors who made it possible, singing and dancing with members of the local community before returning home to loved ones who feared they might never see them again.

You can be part of our work relieving the suffering of those in need by making a donation today.

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