The Top 10 Photos of 2020

Though 2020 posed unprecedented challenges, our teams on the frontlines were still able to capture special moments — moments made possible because of our incredible supporters. That’s why it was only fair that our supporters decided which photo would come out on top. So let’s start the countdown at number ten before revealing the number one as chosen by you!

Let us know which one stands out to you in the comment section below!

10. Joy In The DRC:

Joy was hard to come by in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo following an outbreak of Ebola in August 2018. But thanks to the hard work and persistence of health workers, volunteers and community leaders, the outbreak was finally declared over in June 2020. Masika, pictured above, was one of many who benefited from International Medical Corps health workers raising awareness about the virus, helping to keep her and children safe.

9. Mouths Covered — But Ready To Be Heard In South Sudan:

Not even COVID-19 could stop our team in Malakal, South Sudan, from demanding an end to gender-based violence. With masks on and socially distant activities, the community came together for 16 Days Of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence to stand in solidarity with people across the world as together, we create a safer, more just future for us all.

8. Tackling The Peak In The USA:

This photo was taken during the peak of the New York COVID-19 outbreak in the spring of 2020. International Medical Corps responded to the then worst outbreak of the virus in the United States by deploying emergency medical field units, personal protective equipment and volunteer clinicians to Flushing Hospital Medical Center and Jamaica Hospital Medical Center: hospitals which have both served the Queens community for more than a century.

You can learn more about our U.S. COVID-19 response here.

7. Camera Ready In Ethiopia:

In collaboration with National Geographic, International Medical Corps is proud to once again be part of Photo Camp, where ‘young people from underserved communities, including at-risk and refugee teens, learn how to use photography to tell their own stories, explore the world around them, and develop deep connections with others.’ This year, Photo Camp was held virtually and despite the different format, there were still some great photos like this one of young refugee Salad Adan!

6. Emergency In Lebanon:

On August 4, a devastating explosion tore through Beirut, Lebanon. The explosion tragically claimed the lives of at least 220 people, injured 6,000 and displaced more than 300,000 people from their homes. Our Beirut team, who fortunately survived with mostly minor injuries, responded immediately by providing personal protective equipment to first responders, sending staff from unaffected healthcare facilities to the frontlines to help survivors, deploying mobile medical units and much more.

5. New Life In Jordan:

In 2019, International Medical Corps health workers helped support more than 78,000 safe deliveries across the world — and whilst we don’t know the 2020 total just yet, we’re sure that it will be another remarkable number thanks to the incredible work of midwives like Ines. Ines, now in her sixth year of serving the refugee community, is continuing the Jordanian tradition of incredible warmth towards those who have had their lives uprooted by conflict, disaster or disease.

Read Ines’ full story here.

4. Freedom Of Expression In Pakistan:

As part of the 16 Days Of Activism To End Gender-Based Violence Campaign, our Pakistan team held art activity sessions where survivors could use art to express their strength, resilience and courage.

To see more great pictures from our 16 Days Campaign, click here.

3. Smiles And Safety In The DRC:

In the Masereka health zone, in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we provide Safe Spaces where survivors of gender-based violence and Ebola (the outbreak is now thankfully over, you can read how we helped make that happen here) can come together to talk about their experiences, relax and learn new skills. Here, Kavugho teaches Communications Officer Mussa how to knit.⁣

2. Recovery In Cameroon:

Conflict in neighboring countries has forced an estimated 372,000 refugees to seek safety in Cameroon. At Minawao Refugee Camp, International Medical Corps provides a number of healthcare services to residents, including occupational therapy which takes the form of many different activities. Thanks to these activities, men and women recovering from mental health conditions and physical illness have the opportunity to learn new skills, such as sewing, in a safe space as well as exploring new ways to express themselves.

You can learn more about our work in Cameroon here.

Photo: Patrick Meinhardt

1. Sending Love From Yemen:

This adorable boy from the Al-Shorman internally displaced persons camp wanted to send you some love from Yemen, where your support is changing the lives of communities caught in one of the world’s worst humanitarian disasters. His beautiful smile amid a desperate tragedy is the perfect reminder of the transformative impact we can have in people’s lives when we work together.

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